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New Album! Album 3 !!
We are recording a new album.

The exciting news is that we are recording a new album of all original material and thrilled that Multi-Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer Dennis Walker is collaborating in the project. I’m thrilled to be the first UK artist he’s ever worked with ! Music fans will know him mostly from his work with BB King and Robert Cray. We already have a number of songs at the early demo stages. Although Dennis is USA based we plan to use him to produce the album too and are looking at a release date in Spring 2019. It’s going to be a real adventure for us all and one we want to share with the loyal supporters who have been there from the early beginnings and new friends who discover us along the journey. Please jump on board to help make this new project the very best it can possibly be.

PLEDGE HERE !! After a long wait we are finally able to share the amazing news ! I am working with the incredible 3 x Grammy Winning Songwriter Dennis Walker ( BB King , Robert Cray) IT IS TOOOO EXCITING ! to be able to make this incredible opportunity happen I have launched a Pledge Campaign with Pledge Music! Pledge music help independent artists like me raise money for a music project. Basically I sell you the album in advance ! And lots of other super goodies. By buying these lovely gifts for yourselves, friends and family ( see what I did there ) the money goes into the Pledge Piggy Pot ! I then pay for my recording expenses by using the money in the pledge pot. If ( and I pray this doesn’t happen) the project doesn’t come together everyone gets their money back. Because pledge hold it, and I am told a post from Barbados to say the album isn’t coming, doesn’t go down well !! So by buying lovely stuff I can book and pay musicians to record x and all the other stuff that goes with producing a record. So Dennis Walker is an MB fan !! (Pauses to read that last line typed and sighs ) he is helping me write these songs ! Which is simply amazing ! But even with his Midas touch it is little old me that has to find the money to make this dream come true ! And so enters pledge x So your money is totally safe , I will write for you the best album I possibly can and your support will make make me smile ear to ear !!! So follow the link. Search for me in the search bar and you will see all the lovely bits you can buy. You can also make an donation out of pure love !! And you can choose the amount !

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