LOZ Radio was named for Lake Of The Ozarks and is currently based out of Iberia, Missouri.

Jon (John) Scharphorn got the idea to start his own internet radio station after discovering another internet station and chat room, and decided that there were so many Indie Artists whose music wasn’t getting the air time that they deserved. So, in April, 2014, LOZ Radio was launched on Spreaker.com.

Jon was the only DJ for the first year but since then he’s been joined by DJ’s Rebecca A. Ekins, Mechelle Cebrowski, and guest DJ, Heather Zwillenberg. Also joining the LOZ Radio team, is a promotion team consisting of Mechelle Cebrowski, Rebecca A. Ekins, Craig D. Kendall, Justin Drummond, and Station Manager Paula Bourelle. Website and IT guru, Shannon Chesnut completes the LOZ Radio team!

During the 4 years that LOZ Radio has been on air, it has grown by word of mouth of artists and fans for always playing the best Indie Artists, and its great support of them. The Chat room is always full of artists and fans , and many friendships have developed not only between the fans and artists but between the artists and songwriters as well. Some of the songwriters and artists have had been working together as a result of meeting on LOZ Radio!

LOZ Radio is known for their Top 35 Countdown shows every season, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, that run for 8 weeks, each season, with a winner at the end of the 8 weeks, winning the recognition of being the winner of that season, and receiving a plaque to commemorate it. LOZ Radio also started a top 100 Music chart and began with the top 100 songs that they felt were the top songs, and intend to change it monthly with the input of requests from the fans, on twitter, the Facebook page, and the website. In 2017, LOZ started a 24 hour licensed streaming website, www.lozradio.com , and in April 2018, began broadcasting syndicated shows and shows with live DJ’s. There’s a chat room that’s always available to chat and tabs to request music, and to submit music as well.

LOZ Radio has been nominated for Radio Station of the Year at the Nashville Universe Awards , where the winner will be announced on May 8th . And their Guest DJ, Heather Zwillenberg has been nominated for Radio Personality of the Year.

You can find LOZ Radio on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LOZRadio

on twitter at @LOZRadio,

Go find them and give them a follow or a LIKE. Also go to the website to listen to amazing music, playing not only the Indie Artists, but some Golden Oldies as well.


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