Joey Stuckey & The Shadow Bandits

In 2015, I met and instantly became friends with UK producer and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Hoskyns.

In 2016, we started writing songs together and, sadly, in 2017, Charlie passed away due to an unexpected illness.

The songs I have written with Charlie are some of the best work I’ve ever done because I was working with him, and together we explored new sonic and musical territory.

This song features myself on lead vocal and rhythm guitar and Charlie on bass, guitar, strings, drums/percussion, and backing vocals. Charlie is also the mix engineer.




It is fitting that in 2020, during the COVID19 crisis, I am able to entertain and inspire people with my music and that of my dear friend.

This song, One Song At A Time was written to express my life’s mission of leaving the world better than I found it. As a musician,inspirational speaker,& educator, I am content to use the power of music to change the world for the better—one song & one person at a time.


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