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Elisa Duwez is a French Vocalist, Songwriter and Melodist, and she writes and does vocals for DJs, as well she writes her own songs and poems which she has been doing since childhood.

Right now Elisa Duwez is promoting her last remix of “This Is Not a Love Song feat. Babette Duwez”, Bismark Sdg, Izac vision remix, with an Italian label and Italian DJs.

It’s already in so many radio stations all over the world including EUROPE, US, UK, ARGENTINA, MEXICO, Canada, Australia and in some radio shows as well.

Elisa Duwez says “that’s really a blessing for me and i’m so thankful about that. To have so many people all over the world like my music”. Her Radio edit is still on the Radios as well, and she has another record “RUMBAO FEAT BABETTE DUWEZ” which has been released in Mexico , with a Mexican DJ.

Elisa Duwez is collaborating with a Team of Musicians and people in the music business there in France, and they are preparing a compilation for the 40th anniversary of the Punk Genre , so she will do a cover of a song of a famous punk band from the 70’s in her own style which will be released this year and then preparing a new music project for this year as well. Elisa Duwez says “I hope to go back ‘live’ soon, because it’s something I like to do if it’s possible. I’d like to thank all my Radio Partners and Radio Show Partners for all the support in my Music.

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