Den of Ashes – Ash Beck


Den of Ashes – Ash Beck.  He is the grandson of early country and western performers John & “Texas Peggy” Clemens / The Wyoming Ramblers circa 1940s-1950s who shared the stage and friendships with The Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Tex Ritter and Patsy Cline.

Den of Ashes is a unique and intimate exploration into the human condition.

The moody melodic songs are about lost moments in time. Like a photograph,Ash see pictures when he writes and articulates them into lyrics.

Each song holds a unique mood. There is a rare loneliness that within the deep rich vocals and western tonality.


Finishing up a new song “Living in My Dreams.

” Its about the road you’re willing to walk upon, regardless of how winding, desolate or lonely, you have to stick to the journey to make those dreams come true.

At times it comes with great sacrifice, the road might vary but you will find your way if you keep looking ahead.

You can’t always see those that are close to you, because many times they are so close that they are walking along with you in your shoes.

All of these songs collectively exist in the Den of Ashes. Ash played guitar a lot in his early 20s.

He tried to approach music like The Beatles, write the music first and then write lyrics. “It was The Beatles for Gods sake, they knew how to write songs.” says Ash

Most times he would write something cool and then hit a dead end!


His playing was great but his writing was full of scattered songs.

Then one day out of frustration, he threw out EVERYTHING! That is the moment EVERYTHING changed.

Ash Beck started to COMPOSE versus PLAY. He finally understood that they were composers first and then the best of players.

It’s better to be timeless than timely for him. He wants everyone to listen to his songs and know that he had written something worthy of being a classic.

“That is why I am excited about my next album and the journey I’m on.” says Ash

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