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Danielle is a Christian pop artist / songwriter originally from the state of Maine. By the age of 3 Danielle was already memorizing songs, singing and taking piano lessons. By age 6 she had added guitar lessons. With a love for helping others the Christian music industry was a great fit. Using the emotional power / meaning behind her songs, Danielle definitely has a message to share that touches her audience. Danielle can be quoted as saying “The best part of music is when someone listens to and relates to your song. In the few minutes that they are listening to the song, not only do they become part of my story, but I become part of theirs and that is an awesome feeling.”

That emotion is definitely being noticed. Danielle was a final nominee for 2018 Nashville Universe Christian Artist of the year, won 2017 Akedemia Christian Artist of the Year and has been recently nominated for the 2018 Josie Music Awards category of Rising Star.

Danielle currently has four singles. “New Day” was Danielle’s first song, “New Day”, is about forgiveness, moving forward, leaving the past behind and starting over. In “New Day” Danielle wanted others to understand that every minute is a chance to start over. You are not your past, you are your future. In Danielle’s words “I have lived my life holding myself to my mistakes while living with no regrets. I believe that everything, including our mistakes, lead us to where God wants us to be. New Day goes deeper than merely a new day, for me it was about a new day that led to a new life.”

Danielle’s song “Forget” is dedicated to her grandfather. While growing up, Danielle visited her grandparents daily. For the last six years of her grandfather’s life, her family watched him slowly change due to Alzheimer’s disease. Danielle describes him as the best man she has ever met, the person who understood her best and the person she aspires to be like. Just as Danielle arrived in Nashville to meet with her co-writer to write a new song, she received a call that her grandfather had fallen and had a brain bleed. Danielle flew home to find him hospitalized and was told that he would likely pass away in a few weeks. During his entire time with Alzheimer’s Danielle was the only person he consistently recognized. He never got her name wrong once. As she flew home Danielle was so afraid he would forget who she was; however, when she went over to his bedside and said “Pepere”, he immediately replied “Danielle you’re here.” He still knew her name which is the basis behind “Forget”. Danielle’s initial reaction was to question her faith, because she could not fathom why God was taking her Grandfather away. As she began thinking about how extremely blessed she was that, even with a brain bleed, he still recognized her, she had an overwhelming feeling of love along with the realization that her grandfather had not forgotten her and neither had God which is the main message of “Forget”. Forget was released in March 2016 and hit #2 on the Top 40 International Christian Music in English the week of July 17, 2017 (GT)(IECR).

“Always With You” is dedicated to Danielle’s grandmother who lost her battle with cancer on April 29, 2016 which was Danielle’s 17th birthday. Danielle’s grandmother was known for her humor, acceptance and kindness. Danielle aspires to be like her by using the “golden rule” of treating others with kindness, respect and the way you want to be treated. A week before her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, Danielle was in Quebec. Since her grandmother wasn’t feeling well, she had asked Danielle to go to a church and light a candle for her. In a store across the street from this church, Danielle bought her grandmother a stone with an angel on one side and the saying “Toujours Avec Toi” (Always With You) on the other side. A few days after Danielle gave the medal to her grandmother, she found out she had cancer. All of the sudden, the saying on that medal took on a whole new meaning and Danielle knew the concept for her next song. Danielle and her grandmother had many conversations about how she believed she would always be with her and her family. “Always With You” came from those conversations. Danielle not only wanted but needed a reminder for her and all others that those we lose, are always with us and so is God. Always With You was released in September 2016 and was #1 on the Top 30 International Inspirational Christian Music in English from June 5th to June 27, 2017 (GT)(ICR).

Danielle’s latest song “Breath” was released on March 23, 2018. “Breath” is dedicated to her Mom, her fans, radio stations and everyone who has been involved in her music. She describes it as a song for those who lift you up. Danielle said the relationships she has developed because of her music are priceless. In her words “I often stress that one smile, one word or one person can make all the difference not only because it’s a nice thing to do, because I’ve been the recipient of that one person, or in my case many, so if I can find some kind of way to pay it forward by lifting others up, then my day is made.” The video for Breath has been nominated for the Carolina Music Video Award for 2018.

Danielle’s ultimate goal is to use her talents and experiences to help others. In Maine, Danielle spent time volunteering with Big Brother’s Big sisters, spoke against bullying and her love for animals prompted the adoption of five cats and a dog from the local humane society. After graduating from High School at age 17, Danielle moved to Asheville, North Carolina. There Danielle has continued to help others by joining the local committee for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, volunteering with Sonrise Outreach and by recently adopting two new cats for her new home in NC. As for Danielle’s career goals, she continues to write and record songs, while, pursing a future career that combines her background in music, music marketing and business with the hope of continuing to make a difference in the lives of others.

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“Always With You” YouTube link –  https://youtu.be/Sg6uOOPXYfQ
“Forget” YouTube link – https://youtu.be/dbfb1BcC5kI
“New Day” YouTube link – https://youtu.be/Kf9P89deBu8

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