Benjamin Gabe


Benjamin Gabe is an alt rock band from Slovakia.

The members of the band are Gabe Madari and John Gero.

In 2016 the band signed with Milwaukee Junction Records in Detroit, Michigan – USA.

Back in 2015 two longtime friends and musicians, Gabe Madari and John Gero decided to create something special.

They wanted a band where every creative desire inside their hearts can be real.

They created Benjamin Gabe, an alt rock band from Slovakia with pop vibes.

The journey started in April 2015 with releasing their first single “Part of Me”.

Later on, they released two other singles “New Tomorrow” and “The L”.

Every song was released alongside with a music video, produced entirely by the band.

Benjamin Gabe released their first ever EP in September 2016 and it is called „First Wings“.



The band wanted to symbolize the butterfly effect with the title.

The band was trying to stretch their wings to fly…

In 2016 the band signed with Milwaukee Junction Records in Detroit, Michigan.

After a little European tour in late 2017, they released the newest single „Speed of Light” in May 2018 and is going to be followed by their next EP.

Speed of Light is about trying to reach the impossible, whatever it means for them.

The song is about the desire to live and fight for ourselves.

It is not just a philosophy of life but also a major message of Benjamin Gabe.

They really want to fly at the speed of light…





Speed ​​of Light is about how to fight against the impossible , let it be anything. “Each of us has internal or external limitations that he wants to overcome, and often these limitations seem to be impossible for a man.” The composition of Speed ​​of Light is about the lively and struggling desire that is not only the philosophy of our life but also the main message of our band. We want to fly at the speed of light In our video, our friend, Barnabas Tanka, all represents amazingly, is a living proof of what we wanted to say, “said band frontman Gábor Madari.

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