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Randy Lockhart
CEO, Marketing and Magazine Promotions
Tsawwassen, B.C.

Owner Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of  indiebeatzmagazine.com
Owner Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of  http://countryartistsmagazine.com
Owner Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of  worldentertainmentmagazine.com
Owner Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of  indieartistsmagazine.com
Owner Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of  webhostmagazine.rocks
Owner, Publisher & Writer-in-Chief of  indiemusicmagazine.live

My Passion for Music

I have had my share of health problems over the years with 7 Heart attacks ( READ ABOUT ) and most recently (January 3 2017) had my left leg amputated because of an aneurysm  behind my knee and now I am retired and settling down with my longtime passion which is creating online magazines to promote Indie Artists from around the world.

I decided to create several online magazines websites, and social media outlets which introduces well known and upcoming Indie Artists. I spend time getting to know each Artists and find out as a much as I can beforehand before publishing. I am always looking for better ways to promote Indie Artists and give them the recognition they deserve as an Artist by sharing through social media outlets. You can read testimonials from artists under the Testimonials link

**NOTE** All artists articles are either written and published by myself or copied from the artists BIO with permission., and pre-teens are featured in articles with parents/guardians written permission