The birth, of Ma Bell, is an example of never losing sight of your dreams.

This elderly fun loving soul performs, sings and dances right into your heart.

Ma Bell’s motto is “NEVER TOO OLD TO DREAM”

You will love and appreciate the humor of Ma’s first song “Fishing Blues”.

Ma Bell sings cover songs as well as songs written by Kathy Bell.

MA Bell is very versatile, while performing she may sing country, rock n roll, gospel, rhythm and blues, Blues, Jazz and yes, even rap.

You never know what MA Bell will do next, lol, sometimes she, herself, doesn’t even know.

That’s why we love MA Bell!

Ma Bell, a very caring individual, made her debut at the Music City Hayride Fundraiser (Music City to help the veterans. MA, has also sang at fundraisers to help those with alzheimer’s and dementia (Alzheimer’s Association) and more, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Ma Bell, has been interviewed by radio stations all across the country and she performs everywhere.

Between, live radio shows, fundraisers, and live shows, MA Bell loves to go visit places of history.

Just one of the places that she has visited is Lynchburg, TN. Home of the Jack Daniels Distillery.

Never take MA Bell into a Fun Center, she goes wild. Bumper cars are her favorite! She loves to bowl, but be careful, she can throw gutter balls.

Ma Bell is also a musician, playing the piano and singing are her passions!

She loves to entertain and make people laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

MA Bell’s favorite thing is to go fishing! Her song, “Fishing Blues” (written by Kathy Bell) speaks about worms.

She was looking for a fella but it didn’t work out, so came about her song, “I’m Done and Moving On” (written by Kathy Bell)

To book Ma Bell you can call Kathy Bell at (317) 565-3482

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