Hyram Posey


Hyram Posey is a Tennessee-based composer, creator, and session player.

With his 5-string violin, he composes distinct music that is a genre of its own.

His original themes create moods that are perfect for Film and Television Westerns, Intense Drama, Cowboys, and the American Southwest.

Hyram’s music can be soft and subtle, yet at times lonesome and mystically haunting with Dramatic, Jazz, and Blues genres.

Posey has played with top talent in the Country and Jazz music world. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has recorded five solo CDs.



Hyram currently does session work in Nashville, plays with the Music City Hayride Band, and plays with David Church on RFD-TV show- “Midwest Country”.

He is currently nominated for “Instrumentalist of the Year” Award for The Josie Music Awards Show in Nashville.

Posey composed and produced the sound track to “Dream On A Blue Horse”, (The musical drama written for New Mexico’s first outdoor amphitheatre).

His original music compositions for motion pictures evokes hidden emotions and touches hearts in all scenes. He is well known from coast to coast in all music circles.

Hyram’s music has been hard to classify and has been best described as “Americana”.




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