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Emily Clair

24 year old Canadian country/blues musician, singer and songwriter from Ajax, Ontario. My passion for music began at a young age, my parents often caught me singing myself to sleep as a child. I spent many years in piano and singing lessons learning and expressing my passion for music.

Growing up with a musical family I was exposed to many different genres of music and soon I developed a love for country music! Upon entering high school I soon realized that if I wanted to pursue country music, I should take up acoustic guitar lessons. Playing the acoustic guitar allowed me to really grow as an artist, I began to write original music and the words started to pour out onto the page.

I have always been a solo artist, and I dreamed of eventually forming a country band of my own. Over the last four years, being done college and having a job that allows me to spend most of my time on my music, I now have a band of my own. Recently, I have recorded two original songs and I have released a music video to one of the originals of mine, “Running on Empty.” I hope that this song will help me on my journey to grow as an artist and share my love for country music!




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