Donna Staten Cunningham

Donna Staten Cunningham is a Southern Ohio native. In fact, I still live on the same road I have lived on almost my entire life. I learned at a very early age that I loved to sing and that has never changed.

She began singing before people at the early age of 4. This continued through elementary school.

She sang both solo and in a group (Dawnettes) during my high school years. Later, she did local Broadway musicals.

A little later still she started her own band DCFever which was one of the most successful tri state bands in her area.

They did a mixture of classic country and country rock and blues.

Then through Tom Cable of the Southern Ohio Opry Donna met some Nashville people, wonderful Nashville folks, most importantly, Marty Martel. Marty then introduced her to Allen Karl and her country music career took off in a way she never expected.

Mr. Karl signed Donna to his label, Century II Records and has since named her Head of Artist Development, and her music career took off world wide, literally.

In 2012, Tours of Europe and 2014 shows in Canada and a foot in the heart of it all, Nashville. she is now a member of the Midnite Jamboree Board and the Music City Hayride both based at the legendary Texas Troubadour Theater, Music Valley Drive, Nashville.

Donna is also a member of the CMA, the Traditional Country Music Assn., and the Southern Ohio Opry.

She has made her little mark in the Independent Music Business and at a later age than anyone else she knows.

“I am so grateful to the people in the business who have supported and helped me through the years, and to the wonderful people who have become fans of my music. I am very proud of the folks I have met and who have helped me obtain my goals , and of course, my family. Also, Mr. Jim ED Brown always made me feel so welcome and so much a part of the established music family in Nashville. I was able to be there when he recorded “In Style Again ”, his first single in 30 years and on our label, Century II. He was such a friend, such an artist, I miss him dearly. Looking forward to February 10, 2018 when I will be singing on the Midnite Jamboree with Glenn Tubb. Also love doing the little local Oprys and always look forward to the faraway places, and monthly trips to them and jobs in Nashville. Just love singin’! I could never imagine my life without music.” says Donna

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