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Brittany Fisheli

Brittany is a passionate 14 y.o. Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Dancer, and Martial Artist. She has worked on several acting projects and has sung on various stages, benefits, and sporting events.

Performing in front of the camera and performing in front of an audience is what she craves the most. She’s vibrant, outgoing, and always gives 100% in everything she does.

Be sure to check out her latest release, “Wait for the Stars Tonight” which she wrote and released herself.

“Music in Your Heart” and “Zombies” are two of her other songs that are also available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and ReverbNation and many other music sites for streaming and downloading.

Brittany Fisheli is also known for The Dark Tapes (2016), The Last Ten Seconds (2015) and Lauren Higbie (2016)

She is consistent, resilient, persistent, and very enthusiastic. She enjoys acting, dancing, singing, and songwriting.

She has also been featured in several commercials, a short film, and does some modeling.



She is now a Freshman attending Fullerton Union High School and working towards being inducted into their Triple Threat Academy. Currently casting in her first Spring Musical which opens this Friday Night!!! on Mar 16 2018.  She has been cast as a Duchess, and Yet Another Duchess, a Horse, Featured Dancer, and part of the Ensemble. Brittany is also taking a bunch of honor classes and hope to be accepted into NYU when she graduates from High School. She is still writing songs, but not ready to produce anything yet.

Having worked on several acting projects and has sung at various benefits, baseball games, and events, she also loves performing in front of the camera and wants to be the center of attention. She’s vibrant, outgoing, and always gives 100% in everything she does. Check out her song on iTunes: Music in Your Heart – Single by Brittany Fisheli



Her single release was uploaded to youtube called “ZOMBIES” and it was this song that got my attention after seeing it posted on twitter and I took the time to go and listen to it.

The song, the voice and the beat fit Brittany to a T, very well executed and mastered.  Editor In Chief ~ Randy Lockhart




Awards – 1st Place – Vocal Soloist Broadway
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