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Who am I? I’m Andy Soar and I’ve been composing and performing music since the age of 7. By 13 I was performing in clubs in the local area eventually performing my first full concert at the age of 18 – ‘Monsieur Hulots Big Day Out’. After a couple of forays into computer game music in the mid 90s, reality struck and I pursued a traditional career – first in retail, then in

Whilst I composed little pieces during this time, falling in love, starting a family all became the priority and it wasn’t until my son badgered me into writing again that the path has become clear that writing and music are in my destiny.

He had this idea. We knocked ideas back and forth but the idea refused to go away.


Unable to develop it himself, I stepped in, initially writing a theme to the idea which then became my first album of work, ‘72 Minutes in the Woods’.

It’s now become my first 66,000 word novel with a sequel on the way (writing as A.E.Soar)! As I was composing tracks, I wrote more and more music which became my second, most commercially viable album – ‘Portals’.

Where ‘72 Minutes’ is clearly a concept album, ‘Portals’ is pure pop electronica, hybridising the feel of 90s synth with a very current dance vibe. The album is littered with viable singles including, “The Awakening”, “An Angel Came to Stay’, “Rise’, “The Watchers” and “Magnetic” a homage to Jean-Michel Jarre who was instrumental in my early thinking.

As I continue to master this work, a third project linked closely to themes of ecology and humanity “3ARTH” came to fruition.

This is the most natural type of music for me being pure synth driven but also a little slower paced than “Portals”. Hints of Enigma, Hans Zimmer are in there as I take you on a journey “F1RST LIGHT”, literally my first track on the first day of 2018, “In Orbit” out of the planet , looking down from space, “Our Friends in the North” with it’s rumblings of Ice breaking in the Arctic to the frenetic “Skyline”.

There’s a change of pace for the second half with “Relativity” a homage to a quote by Albert Einstein.


The penultimate track is the ominous “2 Minutes to Midnight” reflecting the current fragile state of world leaders and pending nuclear threat.

Alongside this, I design and produce “Haunted Magazine” now amassing over 20 digital magazines and now restored into limited edition print.

This links closely into my work with ‘HauntedLive’ a web show of 7 of us as we explore assorted Haunted locations in the East Midlands.

“I believe that 2018 will be the culmination of all these projects and I want as many people to join me on this journey as possible.” says Andy







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